Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Value of Artistic Psychotherapy

      Artistic Psychotherapy is a way of bringing soul back into life. It is a way of knowing the self beyond the everyday mind and emotional patterning. It is a place where the messiness of life can be processed, a place to be replenished and a way of connecting deeply to oneself.
       Images are the way the soul communicates to the self. We all have internal images waiting to be seen and expressed. Artistic Psychotherapy is a way of giving these images form and color. It is drawing, painting, writing, dancing, making music, or any other way to express creativity from the self. The beauty of expressing the images that lie within, is that no one can find meaning in these expressions but the maker. It is our psyche speaking to the self within and we are the interpretator of the meanings.
      Making images and using our imagination is a way of breaking through boundaries, loosening our patterned way of being and making room for growth and transformation. Artistic Psychotherapy is for those individuals who wish to contact the soul, listen to the intuition and move beyond everyday consciousness. All that is necessary is to have the courage and curiosity to make the first mark, write the first word, make the first movement and go with the flow.